It all started on a trip from Seattle to Portland…

Late Winter 2013: Josh and I drove down to Portland to visit his sister and brother in law. As a kind gesture, I decided to bring a few jars of some pickled goods I made the previous Spring. While we were there, I chilled them and then popped the jar for them to try– Josh already was a huge fan. They raved about how delicious they were!

On the drive home Josh and I were talking about ideas and dreams like we usually do, and he said “You know, those pickled asparagus and green beans could be a great business.” The discussion lasted the rest of the car ride home, and right then and there, the vision of Canned was born. (we actually chose the name that night too!) We knew we wanted it to be focused on being local, and not skimping on all of the extras in the jar that made it look like food art.

Spring 2013: With Josh never canning before, he was excited to learn the process. We made a few small batches, tweaking the recipe just a bit every time to try to get it just right. It is a fun but stressful hobby to do in our small kitchen but we found the joy in it. We started sharing with friends and family and everyone had an excitement about it. We started thinking more and more than we really should pursue this as a small business venture starting at our local farmer’s market.

Spring 2014: The dream is starting to bud. In the Winter, we got some connections from friends to their family’s asparagus farm in the Yakima valley. We arranged to go pick up 100 pounds for our first large test batch of our finalized recipe. We made the gorgeous drive over and were so giddy and shocked about how many lovely green spears filled the trunk. Just like anything that grows quickly, we didn’t know what we were in for. We arranged for a few friends and family to come over and help. Our first batch was 65 jars and tasted great! To our surprise, presenting the opportunity to help us raise money with these jars to get our business license and make our dream become a reality, the jars sold out within 2 weeks. To our amazement, we were back in Yakima two weeks later getting 100 more pounds. The support and encouragement from everyone around us has been awesome! It makes us so happy when people try it and report back that they enjoyed it so much.

So here we are, late Spring 2014 with a huge dream that we’ve just embarked on and we started this website/blog to share our journey with you. We cant wait to keep you updated on our growth! Feel free to email us with any questions or comments.

– Erica & Josh