Fresh, local, small batch hand made pickled goods

I ate all my asparagus, what do I do with the juice?
Here's what we do: use it as marinade, drink it to cure a hangover,or add a little to a Bloody Mary. An old man once told us that drinking it could also put a little hair on your chest, but were not sure if that's a good thing or not.
Where do you buy your produce from?
We are proud to partner with Imperial's Garden in the Yakima Valley. We have found them to have the freshest produce in the Valley.
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What do you put in the jar?
That's a secret, but we can tell you that by looking in the jar you will see the following: garlic cloves, jalapeno slices, usually a habanero, onion, dill, and dill seed. With green beans, you'll notice thai chillies.